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Our Diary

What Are Midtown Atlanta’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives?

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Take a moment right now to imagine the type of future you’d like for yourself, your family, and your community. Now, think about how you can help make that future a reality. You’re currently in the same mindset as the members of the Midtown Alliance with their initiatives for an eco-friendly Atlanta. Discover some of their projects, including the Midtown EcoDistrict, and learn how you can contribute to a bright future for the city. Plus, you’re welcome to book your stay at our eco-friendly inn the next time you visit Midtown Atlanta!

Stay at Stonehurst Place

Eco-Friendly Atlanta: How the City Is Going Green

The Midtown EcoDistrict

It’s not easy work to create and sustain an eco-friendly area, especially on such a large scale like Midtown Atlanta. Luckily, we have the Midtown Alliance, a non-profit organization made up of like-minded leaders in the private sector, to help lead crucial projects. One of the most impressive and influential examples involved taking the plans from Greenprint Atlanta and implementing them under a new brand — the Midtown EcoDistrict. This allowed them to gather more support for green initiatives and share success stories with the community and beyond.

The Five Impact Areas

Midtown Atlanta is the perfect place to establish the Southeast region’s first urban eco-district. Our historical destination is home to pedestrian-friendly pathways, ample public transportation, and beautiful green spaces. However, that doesn’t mean that the Midtown Alliance’s work is over. They strive to sustain and improve upon these characteristics, and they hope to inspire members of the community to do the same. Here are the “Impact Areas” they focus on:

  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Open space
  • Waste

Keep these in mind when you go about your daily life. The Midtown Alliance can’t do it alone. We can all continue to enjoy — and look forward to — an urban paradise with the help of residents and local businesses implementing eco-friendly initiatives. Consider walking, biking, or using public transportation to and from attractions, refraining from littering, using energy-efficient technology in your home, and supporting green businesses.

Stay at Our Eco-Friendly Inn

Speaking of local businesses implementing eco-friendly initiatives, we’d like to invite you to Stonehurst Place for your next trip to Midtown Atlanta. We pride ourselves on running a green inn with environmentally friendly practices and technology. This includes a commitment to recycling, composting, heating water with solar panels, utilizing greywater systems, installing LED lights, using proper insulation, and even urging other businesses that we work with to follow green practices as well. We also have electric vehicle charging stations and use fresh ingredients from on-site gardens in our gourmet breakfasts. The list goes on, and the result is an incredible experience for our guests as well as the environment!

Browse our list of luxurious accommodations today and book your stay for an exceptional, eco-friendly getaway to Midtown Atlanta!

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