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Fire in the Snow!

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With the Weather Channel barely able to broadcast anything except the winter storm warning in the Southeast, with temperatures dropping, and rain turning to sleet, we expected to awaken on Saturday morning to ice and snow. At Stonehurst Place Bed & Breakfast, we were prepared with extra provisions, de-icer, and all that that we might need. What we weren’t prepared for was to awaken to smoke and fire!

Sleeping in the wee hours of the morning, I was only slightly aware of the sounds of emergency vehicles. But then, bolting up, I realized that our tiny Innkeeper’s Cottage was smelling, most definitely, smoky. Quick to ascertain that our abode had no fire, we rushed into the inn to find it silent and safe. Only then did we realize the commotion outside.

Just a few doors down, across the street, an apartment burned. What a comforting sight to see at least twelve firetrucks, along with Atlanta police, and emergency medical services all in action! Their command center was set up in the back of a fire department vehicle; the fireman already working in shifts. The EMS personal lined the sidewalk, grateful that they weren’t needed, at least yet.

We stood watching as the light snow fell, not out of morbid curiosity, but because it was impossible not to be impressed with the sheer number of responders, and the efficiency of the operation. But also because we felt like guardians, standing between our sleeping guests, and a burning building. Guardians, I might add, who were grateful for the bank of firetrucks and personnel guarding Stonehurst Place, as well.

In the end we learned that the building was a total loss, but all residents were safe, including a cat, rescued by the responders. We are grateful for everyone who was on the scene, protecting the neighborhood.

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