Local Honey from Atlanta?

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Atlanta local honey produced at Stonehurst Place B&B

Health nuts have known how beneficial local honey is for a very long time.  Among other benefits, consuming local honey is a great way to fight off seasonal allergies.

How does local honey help you to fight off allergies? Think about the way that a vaccine works. When you are vaccinated, you are injected with a tiny amount of virus or a look-alike virus. Your immune system notices this enemy and develops antibodies to fight it off. The vaccination is essentially a “practice round” for the body, preparing it for the real fight ahead.  Later, when you are exposed to the full-fledged virus, your body recognizes it and is able to produce the necessary antibodies to ward it off.

Eating local honey works the same way against seasonal allergies. Bees collect pollen and nectar from the same flowers and weeds that make your eyes water and your nose run. When you eat the honey those bees produce from that pollen, the honey functions the same way as a vaccination. This benefit is one of many that local honey provides.

Stonehurst Place Honey is as Local as It Gets

Atlanta local honey produced at Stonehurst Place B&B by Master Beekeeper, Linda Tillman.Besides the fact that Stonehurst Place is an oasis in the middle of the busy city of Atlanta, besides the fact that we’re located just minutes from some of the most enjoyable attractions Atlanta has to offer and besides the fact that each of our rooms and suites provide guests with the height of luxury, at Stonehurst Place we also feature our own on-site beehives to provide guests with the best local honey available.  A few times per year our local master beekeeper, Linda Tillman, swings by Stonehurst Place to check on our bees and later, harvest the honey. The resulting honey has so far been delicious and undiluted.

You might think that the middle of Atlanta wouldn’t be a good place for beehives to flourish. In fact, several of Linda the beekeeper’s hives are located in more rural areas outside of Atlanta. The bees at Stonehurst Place, however, are thriving. They’re doing so well that Linda even allowed a local university graduate student to use our hives as part of a study he conducted.

A Brief History of Stonehurst Place Honey

Atlanta local honey produced at Stonehurst Place B&B, available for sale and the perfect souvenir from your stay! Linda first installed Stonehurst Place’s beehives in the spring of 2011. She placed the beehives carefully behind the Innkeeper’s Cottage so that they wouldn’t be a bother to any of our guests. The hives themselves were constructed by Gary, the life partner of our  innkeeper, Caroline. For her part, Caroline whipped up some sugar syrup for the bees as a welcome meal when they first arrived. At Stonehurst Place we don’t let any guests go hungry, not even our bees!

Linda’s first harvest of the honey at the Stonehurst Place hives came in August of 2011. The bees had only been at Stonehurst for about four months, but during that time, they had been busy bees. She was able to harvest several jars of honey from the hives while still leaving the bees enough honey to last them through the colder winter months. Per our agreement with Linda, she keeps half the honey and Stonehurst Place guests get to enjoy the other half.

We think our fresh honey is one more reason why you should consider Stonehurst Place for your next Atlanta vacation or business trip. The next time you’re in town, we hope you’ll come by for a visit and sample the best local honey Atlanta has to offer.



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