breakfast today: puff pastry quiche

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“Today we served a starter fruit cup of oranges, pineapple and bananas, topped with coconut and with a bite-sized piece of cranberry cream cheese coffee cake.  This was followed by my Mile High Puff Pastry Quiche, a tasty slice of brown sugar ham and a generous helping of au gratin potatoes … garnished with tomatoes and parsley.”

~ Innkeeper Caroline






Puff Pastry … where did this originate?  Here is some information from Wikipedia … surprisingly in might not be from France!

Puff pastry seems to be a relative of the Middle Eastern phyllo, and is used in a similar manner to create layered pastries. While traditionally ascribed to the French painter and cook Claude Gellée who lived in the 17th century (the story goes that Gelée was making a type of very buttery bread for his sick father, and the process of rolling the butter into the bread dough created a croissant-like finished product), references appear before the 17th century, indicating a history that came originally through Muslim Spain and was converted from thin sheets of dough spread with olive oil to laminated dough with layers of butter, perhaps in Italy or Germany.


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